Testimonials For PilSungDo

My name is Lynda Nesbitt and my daughter Nichole and I are Black Belts in the martial art of Pil Sung DO. In 1999 at the age of 5 (five), Nichole was interested in taking some form of martial arts. After some research, I found Mr. Key and Pil Sung DO to be the best fit for my family. I then began classes in 2001. Not only have we learned a form of self-defense, but also we have even found the tenets, pledges and teaching methodologies in this studio to be complimentary to my family's Christian beliefs and lifestyle.
- Lynda Nesbitt (Bo Dan)

I have received many personal benefits from PSD Martial Art Training. What has meant the most to me is that it has given my children and me something else to do together. Unlike other family activities we do, my children will take the skills they have learned here with them for the rest of there lives. Secondly the friends I have made while training will last me a lifetime.
- Keith Pettway (Ell Dan)

I think that this martial art is very beneficial to all children as well as adults. The instructors are very good at instructing all the children that they come in contact with. My son enjoys this martial art and has been coming here for 4 years, and is starting on his 5th. He wasn't interested in doing any extra curricular activity until we brought him by and he watched a class. He then decided that he wanted to take the class and has been coming at least 3 days a week since that time. I do believe that if he had to defend himself from someone on the street that he could do so. All of the instructors here are very patient and try to teach the children and adults the correct way to defend themselves if ever needed. I would recommend this martial art to anyone interested in taking a class of this sort.
- Renee Westbrook (mother of a EE Dan)

We started coming to Pil Sung Do in October of 2002. My son just finished playing t-ball for the summer and we wanted to keep him active in something over the winter. My wife and I had talked about martial arts for him for awhile and thought it would be good for him not only for protection, but for strength-concentration-flexibility and most important the discipline. When we signed him up there was a two for one deal for the first three months. At first I didn't think I was going to be interested in taking martial arts until I went to Torrey's first class and saw Mr. Key and the other instructors teaching the students. So as we were leaving I signed up myself.

I have to say this is the most rewarding thing I have done for myself since I gave up playing racquetball. Torrey likes it so much he doesn't even want to play t-ball next spring. Both our goals now are to become black belts.
- Dale Julka