Home School

Home School Program

Do you Home School your child?  Do you have a complete course guideline set up including everything from History and English to Math? What about Physical Fitness?


A lot of home school children miss one important element in making a happy healthy child and that is physical fitness.


Now Pil Sung Do Martial Arts can help.


We are offering a new physical education class to help our community's home school children.  Our program will be more than just Martial Arts  The class will include activities that will provide exercise to get in shape and maintain a healthy level of physical fitness throughout their entire life.


Pil Sung Do Martial Arts has aligned this program with the President's Physical Fitness Challenge and we can help your child earn the Presidential Physical Fitness Award!


We know how hard it is to get a child interested in exercise.  With our Pil Sung Do Martial Arts program they will find it fun and exciting.  This program will teach them to set and achieve personal goals!


Other martial arts schools offer one class per week; we feel that this is not enough. We offer two classes a week, (Tuesday and Thursday). The time of the two classes is 11:30am to 12:30pm.


To register your child/children or for more information, please contact us by Clicking Here