Cardio Kickbox Program 

Kick Boxing

The owner of Pil Sung Do, Mr. Larry Key, created the techniques used in Ultimate Kickbox with a specific goal in mind. Since at age 17, when he was severely injured in a construction accident, (Read "The Story"), Larry found that the high-energy workouts that kickboxing routines helped him reconstruct muscle and flexibility however, all the different programs he tried would also have movements that were unnatural and caused pain.

The techniques and movements developed by Larry are natural to the body and help to minimize injury to joints and muscles. No other Kickboxing Workout will provide you with the non-stop challenge that's as hard on your muscles, natural to perform and generates as much results as Cardio Kickbox, "How Bad Do You Want It".

The focus of the first 10 min. of class is a system of breaks and holds that are used in the martial art Pil Sung Do. These methods use natural body mechanics to help even a small statured individual defend against a much larger attacker.

If you practice the techniques of Ultimate Kickbox properly, then you too can stay injury free. Come to class you will be changing the way your body looks and feels in just a few times of performing the workout.

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