Blackbelt Program

Many people misunderstand the Black Belt. A Black Belt itself is not the ultimate achievement in the martial arts. There are actually eight (8) different levels of the Black Belt, the first of which signifies that the student is ready to begin the advanced levels of training. The first level of Black Belt takes approximately 2 1/2 to 3 years to achieve. Every new student should look at the first level of Black Belt as a realistic goal. Remember, goals are needed to help keep you focused while you are acquiring the skills needed to achieve them. Much like college, the goal of an associate's degree helps keep one motivated to complete the two years of study, so as to realize some tangible benefits from those efforts.

Think of the Black Belt as a three-year degree. Students are expected to set goals and to commit themselves to achieving these goals. Individuals who wish to become Pil Sung Do students should expect to enroll in a program for at least one to three years of training, attending at least two classes per week. Pil Sung Do is taught by certified instructors who care about all students and conduct themselves accordingly. Instructors provide positive support and encouragement helping all students to improve themselves. Intimidation is NOT our philosophy.

Please feel free to ask us any questions that may help in your decision to make Pil Sung Do your martial art. Remember, teaching you and helping you is why we are here.

Check out the current list of Black Belts enrolled at Pil Sung Do.