Adult Programs

Why do most adults visit a martial art school?

In my 24 years experience teaching martial arts I have learned that there are mainly 4 reasons for someone wanting to take martial arts. The first reason is that martial arts are something that many adults have always wanted to do, but just could not find the time. I have found that this group of adults will stay and reach their goal of being a black belt. These people have a burning desire in their spirit to achieve something that is important to them.

Another reason adults join martial arts is they want to get back into shape and improve their flexibility. These adults are a great addition to my school because they push themselves and others to be the best that they can be. These students look for knowledge to improve and better themselves.

The third reason is that they want to learn how to defend themselves. Something has happened to them; (what ever it is big or small) and they feel the need to learn self-defense.

The fourth is when the whole family joins together. There is an old saying that "the family that kicks and punches together stays together." This group helps make this school what it is. We are a family oriented martial art school where families can join in and do an event where they can in their own way help each other out.

PIL SUNG DO is a martial art that can because of its movements and the way we conduct our classes, meet all 4 of these reasons. By providing day and night classes for the adults, we feel we can accommodate most peoples' busy schedules. Our classes are very aerobic and strength building. Strength is attained from the repetition of the movements and the hitting and kicking of focus mitts, air or foam shields, and heavy bags. Flexibility comes from the stretching we do before each class. The natural movements that we do in each and every one of the techniques help the joints to stay strong and flexible. I have had students that start training whom cannot kick above knee level improve to where they are kicking belt level or higher in less than a year. Pil Sung Do also teaches street self- defense. In the adult class every thought and movement that is taught in this school has to do with what would you do in the street, not sparing in a ring or tournament. We strive to promote family in Pil Sung Do. My wife, Linda, and myself believe in the love and closeness that a family should have to stay together in this day and time. My only hope is that all my students achieve the goal they have set for themselves what ever their goal might be. PIL SUNG!