Demo Team

The Pil Sung Do Demonstration Team is made up with our elite students ranging in ages between 4 through 48 years old. The student's rank (belt color) on the team is from a beginner to 3rd degree black belt. The members perform all over the state and at many different parties and events such as; birthday parties, grand openings, fairs, grade school events, and all parties and testing at the Pil Sung Do Martial Arts Studio.


The show (the demo itself) is performed with choreographed music, dramatic board breaks, air shield fighting, and brick breaks. The team members do flying sidekicks jumping over each other and then lining up for the next member to leap over the line up. The last one usually jumps over 10 to 12 team members. In addition to our standard show we usually feature a team member performing a special feat for the first time ever! The action packed demo show last around 30-45 minutes, but can be adjusted if needed.

If you would like the team to perform at your party or event or you are interested in attending a Demo Team show, please visit the Contact Us page