Philosophy on Free Sparring, Tournaments, and Training

Pil Sung Do is a martial art primarily used for street self-defense.  All of our movements are very natural and powerful; based on speed rather than brut force.  We also teach how to disable an adversary as quickly as possible.  In a real situation, we believe there is no room for error, showing off, or "scoring points".



Although free sparring can be fun, we do not teach, practice, or perform it.  We believe sparring teaches and reinforces all the wrong things when it comes down to real street self-defense.  Remember, what you train to do in your martial art school is what you will do in a stressful situation.



Tournaments are also fun, but they have specific rules and on the street there are no rules.  Each tournament has it's own set of rules.  Some tournaments you win by scoring points, some you cannot punch to the head, but you can kick to the head.  Others tournaments insist participants cannot grab or be grabbed, hit the groin, or attack the face and eyes.  We do not attend tournaments as a school.  If a Pil Sung Do student wishes to participate in a tournament, they must go on their own.  In a tournament there is only one winner; even if you come in second, you still lost. We want all our students to be winners.



Since Pil Sung Do is mainly a defensive martial art, we teach the proper blocking techniques to beginner students.  At our green belt level we teach defense drills where we use block and counter movements that are controlled.  At Black Belt level we teach Block Counter, Counter movements that are as real as it gets, however the drills are still controlled.  In our drill, one person attacks their opponent with any technique; the opponent fends off the attack and counters back with any technique.  At this point either participant can make the next move.  We believe this is the most realistic method of training.  In our controlled drills the person defending against the opponents attack can stop the drill at any time.  An instructor always oversees the drill and he/she can also stop the drill at any time.  All Pil Sung Do students have the choice to participate in any drill or not.


Safety Equipment

At Pil Sung Do, all students must have the proper safety equipment, which includes a helmet with a mask, to participate in any Block-Counter drill.