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My Promise / My Christian Promise

· To always do my best and never give up

· To obey my parents and teachers

· To tell the truth and honor my word

· To always be polite

· To never misuse what I learn in class


Adult Pledge

  • To Set Positive Goals and Strive to Achieve Them
  • To Apply Self Discipline To Further My Personal Development
  • To Stand for Justice and Honor My Word
  • To Promote Friendly relationships Among All People
  • To Use What I Learn in Class in a Constructive Manner

The tenets of Pil Sung Do

1.     Humility

a.     Being humble and not becoming bigheaded no matter what your achievements means that you do not become satisfied with your technique. As soon as this starts to happen you become complacent with your performance and therefore will become bored.

2.     Courtesy (Yeui)

a.     It can be said that courtesy is an unwritten regulation prescribed by ancient teachers of philosophy as a means to enlighten human beings while maintaining a harmonious society. It can further be, as an ultimate criterion required of a mortal.

b.    Pil Sung Do students should attempt to practice the following elements of courtesy to build up their noble character and to conduct the training in an orderly manner as well.

                                                  i.     Promote the spirit of mutual concessions.

                                                 ii.     Be ashamed of one's vices, contemplating those of others.

                                                iii.     Be polite to one another.

                                                iv.     Encourage the sense of justice and humanity.

                                                 v.     Distinguish instructor from student, senior from junior, and elder from younger.

                                                vi.     Behave oneself according to etiquette.

                                               vii.     Respect others' possessions.

                                              viii.     Handle matters with fairness and sincerity.

                                                ix.     Refrain from giving or accepting a gift when in doubt.

3.     Integrity (Yom Chi / bojeon)

a.     In Pil Sung Do, one must be able to define right and wrong and have a conscience, if wrong, to feel guilt.

4.     Perseverance (innae)

a.     There is an old oriental saying, "Patience leads to virtue or merit. One can make a peaceful home by being patient 100 times." Certainly happiness and prosperity are most likely brought to the patient person. To achieve something, whether it is a higher degree or the perfection of a technique, one must set his goal, and then constantly persevere. One of the most important secrets in becoming a leader of Pil Sung Do is to overcome every difficulty by perseverance. Confucius said, "One who is impatient in trivial matters can seldom achieve success in matters of great importance." 

5.     Self Control (Guk Gi / selpeu keonteulol)

a.     This tenet is extremely important inside and outside the Dojang, whether conducting oneself in free sparring or in one's personal affairs. A loss of self-control in free sparring can prove disastrous to both student and opponent. An inability to live and work within one's capability or sphere is also a lack of self-control.

b.    According to Lao-Tzu “the term of stronger is the person who wins over oneself rather than someone else."

6.     Indomitable Spirit (Baekjool Boolgool / bulgul jeongsin)

a.     It is shown when a courageous person and his principles are pitted against overwhelming odds.

b.    A serious student of Pil Sung Do will at all times be modest and honest. If confronted with injustice, he/she will deal with the belligerent without any fear or hesitation at all, with indomitable spirit, regardless of whosoever and however many the numbers may be.

c.     Confucius declared, "It is an act of cowardice to fail to speak out against injustice." As history has proven, those who have pursued their dreams earnestly and strenuously with indomitable spirit have never failed to achieve their goals.